Harry Hudson


Back in December I went to a Harry Hudson concert, and I’m going to be honest, I was surprised in the best way. I honestly didn’t do any research beforehand, so I had no clue what I was walking into. I was quickly shocked. They started the show by setting up some western theme music, it reminded me of a wild west, cowboy movie soundtrack, but thankfully it was just a theme and not the music. Once They started his music, and Harry came out the whole environment of the venue changed. It was a unique show, and I think Harry can create some outstanding music. He told us some of his background, and you would never guess any of it, he had cancer. They told him he had three months to live. Thankfully he overcame it, but that was something really heavy to hear in the middle of an energetic show, but it made the next songs he would perform more passionate and powerful. He also explained to us that his father died before ever truly seeing him perform which struck my heart. Even with everything that happened to him, he carried such excited energy, and you could tell he was so thankful to get a chance to do what he loves. I would highly recommend checking out “Cry for Love” if you want a more upbeat song and then “Yellow Lights” for something more related to his story, both of these songs are on the Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night album. I loved the music, I loved the show and would defiantly go again.

Chase Jackson