JP Saxe

The multi-talented performer JP Saxe opened for Harry Hudson just a few weeks ago at the Larimer Lounge. So who is JP Saxe? Well, the must style he performed was something calmer then pop but just outside of R&B. His performance consisted of him, his piano and his guitar; which he alternated playing. His music style perfectly filled the concert venue and caused for an entertaining, intimate performance. If you haven’t listened to him before I would recommend checking out his single "The Few Things" which was released in early 2018. He told us early in the show that

You all are going to learn way too much about me,

and I honestly loved that. For an artist to be open like that on tour is great and gives off a welcoming vibe to everyone there. The only thing is that it’s difficult being a solo performer to building up a song. With JP Saxe’s he played the guitar and piano but didn’t layer or build to the course. The timing was interesting, almost gave off a want to be jazz vibe at times. All songs were slower, which was fine for this kind of setting but does make me wonder how he will advance with his shows. With all that being said, he has time, so I’m not truly worried. Overall I think that JP Saxe is a talented artist who has some things to overcome in the performing area but does produce beautiful songs that are worth the listen.

Chase Jackson