Smoke and Mirrors


Imagine Dragons

Pushing the creative limits of alternative rock

The by far the most movie-like songs I have heard are from the underrated Smoke and Mirrors album by Imagine Dragons.

The first, in my opinion, powerful song on this album is Gold. It starts with the drums and reverse track sounds and then becomes very with full with sounds that make you feel as if walking through a busy market. The whistling that is added in is absolutely perfect, it's smooth, and I can perfectly imagine a scene of influential people in my head. I love the lyrics that revolve around the old Greek mythology story of King Midas who wished that everything he would touch turned to gold which then turns into a lesson of greed when the king can’t eat because of his food turning to gold and even turns his daughter into gold.

Everything you touch turns to gold, gold, gold

The song truly incorporates the story with the perfect melody of instruments that makes it sound fearful and powerful.

Another song from the album that deserves more credit is Friction. From the start, the song sounds unique and if you weren’t already paying attention Dan Reynolds vocals drag you in. Another interesting aspect is that they used a Rubab, an instrument from Afghanistan, which adds in a cultured undertone to the song.

The collection of the songs Warrior, Battle Cry and Monster, which are played back to back, all carry a prestige melodramatic vide. The songs do sound similar but, in the way, that they sound different from the rest of the songs on the album. I do appreciate that they are playing together on the record from a listener’s view as if not to disrupt the upbeat of mood that was used in the songs beforehand. Each song seems to be a telling a story, and I find it difficult to play them as pure background music because of how interesting they are.

I love to listen to this album in any creative state, and I would recommend sitting down and giving it a listen, there’s going to be one song from this album you will walk away with loving.

Chase Jackson