A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1


by Grandson

The artist Grandson released the astounding political pressing album, "A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1" in 2018, which cover controversial topics while still creating beautiful, powerful music.

The first song on the album, Blood // Water, is the very first song I ever listened to by Grandson and the meaning behind it dragged me into listening to every sing song he created. When listening to the song you quickly you hear the lyrics, “The price of your greed is your son and your daughter what you gon’ do when there’s blood in the water.” I think these lyrics start the political message by not referring to sons and daughters of politicians but more the future generations that the government's greed is going to ruin.

Look me in my eyes
tell me everything’s not fine

I had those lyrics stuck in my head for days. It’s a straight out call to politicians that everything is not okay. Further into the song it’s making a point that this generation isn’t going to stand for what is happening and we need to care about the future. This song not only sends a message to politicians but corporations and people who misuse influence.

When the last tree’s fall the animal can’t hide, money won’t solve it what’s your alibi?

During the bridge of the song you hear these lyrics, and it’s fantastic. It means that money isn’t going to fix your issues, people have gone too far with their greed. This generation is the last straw, and a change needs to come because we won't stand for it to get worse or the possibility of more generations being put through the same thing.


The next song on the album is Stick Up. This song cover the topic of gun control. I love this song because it doesn’t hide behind metaphors and shows how easily guns can get out of hand, proving anyone can be a victim of this issue... Just in verse one we learn about the character Tommy who has two kids but is slowly losing the will to survive. Tommy lost his job; but as said not to immigration which politicians pin for the shortage of jobs, he lost his job to a machine. Because of this he is going to take his Smith and Wesson, which is a gun manufacturer, and is set out to teach a lesson.

Get down on the ground
It’s a stick up, nobody make a sound
Im done playing games, so I’m going down in flames
Let it rain over Washington

 These lyrics in the chorus go over the main theme of the song, Tommy has a gun and he is going to use it. The second verse goes back to Tommy’s story beforehand. Learn Tommy has gone through a lot, losing his pension, coming back from war and losing his job.

Can’t afford his medicine he took for his aggression. He needs help relying on the system that rejects him. Took away his benefits, but left him with his weapon.

I think those lyrics summarize the song. The government isn’t doing what needs to be done. They leave people with weapons and nothing else. Anyone can buy a gun, anyone can go through what happened to Tommy. The song isn’t defending Tommy but it showing how easily this can happen. How an everyday person can slip through the crack of the system and do something unforgivable.

The fourth song on the album is 6:00. If I’m being honest I wasn’t sure at first what the song was about. I had to make sure I knew the correct meaning and after watching the music video I can conclude that this song is about the Police and the conflict with the African American community, alongside how the media portrays it.

Yesterday I turned on the tv
I saw another man down
He was screaming he can’t breathe no more
he held his hands high
But then he go struck down
Oh, he got struck down


After looking further into this song it became clear the reference of the lyrics, “He was screaming he can’t breath no more, he held his hands high.” The reference is to Eric Garners who died after being held in a chokehold by an officer from the NYPD. Eric’s last words were, “I can’t breath.” A video of the situation was taken and put on nearly ever new site, which is were the correlations to the media come into place.

It’s repeated a few times in the song the lyrics, “There’s no difference between you and I...” Which is trying to prove a point that there isn’t a different between people of different races.

I think this song has a really powerful meaning and I love hearing the perspective of change from Grandson.

Over all this I would highly recommend giving this album a listen. Grandson takes music and add in a powerful message while still making something you can enjoy and dance to.